Been underpaid?

Publicity for large claims for wage theft and unpaid entitlements against some of Australia’s most recognisable businesses has meant most workers are aware that they are entitled to be paid a minimum wage which cannot be undercut by an employer with a contract of employment or poor payroll practices. 

Unfortunately, Awards and other industrial instruments can be difficult to interpret and identifying all of your entitlements in order to make sure you claim all that you are entitled to can be difficult. Identifying all relevant breaches of the law is also important because of the large penalties which can be imposed against employers who fail to pay their employees what they are entitled to. 

Sometimes, the court that you choose to pursue your claims is important, especially if your employer is a company which might be wound up or put into liquidation – in which case you will want to make sure you bring proceedings in a jurisdiction where you can pursue your boss directly, even if the company they ran no longer exists.

SMB Workplace & Employment Law can assist you to calculate your claim, identify all relevant breaches of the law and choose the best place to bring your claim so as to maximise your chances of full recovery. The time limit to claim for wage theft and unpaid entitlements is generally 6 years. If you think are currently being underpaid, or have been in the past, give SMB Workplace & Employment Law a call.        

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